Friday, January 6, 2012

Commentary Published on Ed News!

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Education News Colorado graciously agreed to post my commentary on the importance of teaching public speaking skills and offering students the opportunity to take speech classes in high school.  It was interesting for me to see what decisions the editor made and to think about the decisions editors make every day with respect to every writer's work -- what sentences get cut, revised or truncated and why?  What paragraphing and punctuation changes are made and how do they alter the writer's message or style?  The writing process continues to fascinate and sometimes flabbergast me...

Thanks as always for your support -- and teacher/writer friends: Education News Colorado seems to be a viable publishing opportunity for us and a news service that wants to hear firsthand from Colorado, if you haven't already -- start capturing all of the powerful teaching and learning going on in your classroom and share it with a larger audience!

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