Monday, April 16, 2012

Ready, Set...Teach!

If you are one of my few and faithful readers, I hope you will forgive my recent hiatus.  I have been writing furiously (just not in this space).  I would love it if my followers read my latest Ed News guest commentary that critiques the way our schools use teaching and learning time.  

Teacher friends - how many hours do you log in a day?  Where does your planning and "off contract" or "duty free" time go?  When does your grading, planning and parent communication occur?  How much time do you spend instructing students vs. supervising them?  

Add your daily or weekly time log to the comments section and join the conversation -- it's time our policy makers, parents and pop culture media outlets heard from us just what teachers do between the morning and dismissal bells, the early hour alarm clock buzzing and the fire or tornado drills, the after school hours and the summer "breaks."  

Yes, it's time for teachers to speak up.