Saturday, January 15, 2011

On Resolutions

Mid-January.  The time of boxing up the Christmas lights and taking stock of life in the present - a fresh page, a clean calendar, a new year.  Like millions of other resolution-makers, the time feels right for committing to something - spending less, sweating more, or in my case, blogging.  Time to "go public" with a writing accountability system and an outlet for creative ramblings, book reviews and rough drafts.  Time to stop thinking about writing and actually write.  

The Atlantic (magazine) blogger Andrew Sullivan writes that to blog is "to let go of your writing in a way, to hold it at arm's length, open it to scrutiny, allow it to float in the ether for a while, and to let others...pivot you toward relative truth."  And now it's time to take a deep breath...and let the writing adventure begin.  Temporary resolution or evolving reality?  Only time will tell.

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