Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good News for An Aspiring Writer!

The Good News:
Last week I found out I'm a top 10 finalist for the Las Olas Surf Safaris Essay Contest!  A month or so ago I posted my "250 word attempt" at meeting the website's complex prompt in a pithy amount of text, so the news was both surprising and encouraging.  

The Bad News:
From here on out the "winner" will be determined by votes - so I feel a bit like I'm a part of an "American Idol" contest for writers!  I would, however, love your support so if you get a chance visit my entry at: -- and cast a vote! Thanks in advance for your support!  

In other news, I just completed my third week of the Denver Writing Project.  I am loving the opportunity to write, revise, reflect with others about writing and think about what matters most to me (in teaching and in writing) on a regular basis.  This coming week will be the final week of the project which ends on Friday, July 9th - a bittersweet finale to a great experience.  I am more motivated to write than I have been in  a long time and I hope I can sustain the momentum beyond the Project and into this school year.  

So...stay tuned for hopefully more consistent blog posts from the world of Muddy Paws & Missing Pages!

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