Monday, April 18, 2011

Poor Blog...So Neglected!

Wow, I haven't posted since the Oscars in February!  It has been some kind of crazy spring for sure and my writing goals (and recently, my fiction reading) have definitely paid the price.  Happily, summer is on the horizon and with it - the Denver Writing Project which I'll start in June!  20 days of forced and uninterrupted writing.  I can almost feel the sunshine beating on the back of my neck as I hunch over a notebook or laptop in the UCD quad.  

In other news, in my personal life, I'm preparing to host Easter brunch this weekend and embarking on a new culinary endeavor - making my own ham with a pomegranate glaze (and no help from my friends at Honey Baked Ham!). The menu will also include a spring salad, mushroom risotto, and sugar snap and asparagus toss.  My mom is handling dessert (thank goodness) so if the main event or side dishes fail at least we'll have a cache of sweets to fall back on :).  

Random thoughts - I've recently had a hankering to expand our family...and add yet another four-legged "kid" to the brood.  There's a litter of bull terrier pups calling my name, but convincing said dog's "father" is another story - I figure when you've got 3, what's one more?  Scrapbooking in my dog scrapbook this past weekend didn't help matters...I can just see where one more would fit into the messy margins of our DINK-y life (great new phrase I learned from a friend - "double income/no kids" - who knew our marriage had an official trendy label?)  Speaking of words, heart recently made it into the dictionary as a verb - you know, as in, "I heart my husband.  I heart New York. I heart a good book."  I knew I should have claimed the use of that word sooner...I've been using heart as a verb since middle school!

Ah well, it's late (after 10 on a "school" night) and I'm starting to's beginning to feel like this post is just a lame attempt to get something up that's not over a month old!

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